Cats without pictures

Dorothy            Clint Eastwood        Ivory

Bro                  Siren                     James Bond

Java                Sphinx                   Mikhal

Rainbow           Snow                    Blackie

Tammy            Smoke                   MaryAnne

Baghera           Charcoal                Timon

Damien            Gremlin                 Schoderer

Angelo             Stripe                   Diamond

Buddy Ro          Rascal                   Midnight

Luna               Opal                     Franklin


Cats for Adoption

Opt to Adopt! At the Humane Society of Southwestern Michigan, we provide our animals with routine blood tests, standard vaccinations, exercise, and a nurturing environment that supports each animal’s health and well-being. Committed to finding loving homes for all of our adoptable cats and dogs, the staff of the Humane Society of Southwestern Michigan diligently works with each person throughout the application process to find the right fit with their new animal. If you are interested in adopting, begin the process by filling out and submitting an Adoption Application.

Kittens $70 Adoption Fee (under 6 months)                             Cats Adoption Fee $60